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Allison Jones

Event Host - Corporate Facilitator - Craft Teacher


Allison Jones is an Emcee, Host and all-around personality! A natural comedienne, she brings colorful playfulness and wit to every event she hosts. She has 14 years of experience in entertainment; including hosting awards shows, trivia nights, strolling character work and teaching craft classes. With a background in theatrical prop design and a passion for all things "crafty", Allison loves to share her passion for creativity and making while also making you laugh!

Pink Sugar

Tanisha M.

“We got such a response from our audience about her. Allison is an AMAZING Emcee; everyone thought she was witty, powerful and dynamic."

Rhuwena P.

"She's an amazing host with so much energy that always keeps things fun and engaging. We always look forward to crafting with her."

Monica J.

“I just want to say that Allison is FANTASTIC! Thank you for setting us up with her! She's so much fun and very engaging!”
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